Improper Tramadol Usages

To avoid side effects and overdose as much as you can, you should use Tramadol properly. How do you that? From the beginning, you must inform your doctor about your full medical history. You will then be given a suitable dosage, which you must dos. If there is a need to make adjustments on your dosage because of certain side effects, you must inform your doctor. He will decide if you need to go through dosage adjustments, at all.

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When talking about your medical history, you must include present conditions and medications. Mention if you have a medical condition that requires you to take other medications or if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Tramadol may have contraindications with the drugs you are taking, and has not even declared safe for use by pregnant and lactating women. Note though that the drug has shown little effects on breastfeeding babies. A doctor may still then advise a breastfeeding mother to take the drug to ease the pain of recent childbirth. If you are still worried about the possible effects of Tramadol on your baby, you may want to forego it. If, on the other hand, you do take it, watch for symptoms such as extreme sleepiness on your baby.

Also, do not take Tramadol tablets crushed or a powder. Do not take with alcohol. Make sure that you store the medication at room temperature, away from moisture.

Tramadol on Animals

The medication can also be used to relieve chronic pain in dogs, cats, and other small mammals, such as squirrels, ferrets, raccoons and rabbits. Medication for animals also come in various forms, such as liquids, capsules, tablets, ampules and more. Pet owners may need to mix the drug with food to disguise the taste that animals may find unpleasant. Tramadol may also cause overdose on animals, a symptom of which are pinpoint eyes. As with humans, the drug must not be combined with contraindicated drugs or with comorbidities.

Medication Life

So, how long do you expect Tramadol to stay within your system? Consider this: the drug comes with 6.3 hours half-life and its metabolites with 7.4 hours half-life. So, Tramadol must still be detected in your urine after 15 hours. Your kidney function and hydration would account for some of the difference in time.

Detecting Tramadol

Now, you know that Tramadol can be detected in the urine within 15 hours of taking it. So, how does one go about checking biological fluids for the drug? The drug itself, as well as its most active metabolite, O-desmethlytramadol can be found in your blood, plasma or serum. The quantity can also be determined when checking for use, abuse, or overdose. If you have been thinking of using the drug for recreational purposes, you could consider the above facts well.